Phillip Day

New Look!

Hi everyone… I have been doing a little revamping of my websites and  now my blog.  I have changed the look and know that you will love it too.

This is a short post to inform you that I have just returned from an evening with Phillip Day, just for something different.  He was born in England in 1960. He was educated at the leading British education establishments Selwyn and Charterhouse, and throughout his ‘20s had a successful entrepreneurial career founding businesses in sales and marketing. With a firm grounding in business and the ways of the media, Phillip’s research career began after he became interested in wars going on in the realms of health and politics over issues that were being deliberately withheld or misreported to the public. You will have to wait until tomorrow to find out about the “100 Ways to a Happier Life” which he spoke about as it is way past my bedtime…

To Your Success!