Phillip Day

Simple Changes

Phillip Day… what can I say? “Simple Changes – Your 100 ways to a Happier and Healthier Life.” I am going to  include some links throughout this post that are just here for your information and further reading which I know will be helpful to many of you viewing this.First of all a little more about Phillip Day.

In his 20’s, he had family members that were dying of cancer and he wanted answers that nobody could give him.  So he set out on a mission to find out the truth about cancer and has for the past two decades travelled around the world offering the truth in his speaking engagements.

This is one of his websites   which is a worldwide organisaton dedicated to educating the public on health issues and pressing for change in areas of science and medicine where long-standing scientific error, ignorance and vested interests are costing lives.

Millions today use nutritional supplements and alternative health strategies for themselves and their families, and yet, increasingly, the public’s freedom to choose is being eroded by government legislation and attempts by the pharmaceutical conglomerates to ‘buy  out’ the alternative health market.

So here are some “Simple Changes” to consider.

100: Linking Pain and Pleasure.

Most of us link pain to exercise.  Why?  Youv’e heard it before “No pain, No gain.”  This is just oozing linking the pain.  This is the reason most of us do not exercise regularly.   Most of you out there have iPods, yes?  Well you put your favorite music on it and take it with you when you go to the gym.  Another thing to do is to reward yourself.  By this I don’t mean with (unhealthy) food.  What I mean is to book yourself a regular massage for having worked out or whatever it is you like to indulge in.  By linking pleasure to exercise, you are more likely to keep up the routine.

99: Your past does not equal your future.

Just because your life hasn’t exactly been what you expected it to be up until now, there is no reason that your future will have to be the same as the past.  What I mean is, we look at our future and believe because of our past results we will get the same results in the future.  Create a new possibility for yourselves and strive for the future you dream of.  Just by changing a few things and taking some steps, do something a little different and you will start to notice that the future will be different.

Write down your goals and revise them everyday until you get them exactly as you wish.  Believe that you will achieve them and you will start to act in a certain way that in time, will bring you new results.

98: What do I wish to accomplish by bedtime tonight?

This one is pretty straight forward.  When you wake up in the morning, ask yourself this question and write down the things that you wish to accomplish for the day.  By working on this, you will find that you prioritise what is most important to do and by making a list of these things, you will find you actually get more done.

97: Avoid imagining the worst as worry is the cause of stress!

Why worry about something that has not happened yet?  That is exactly what worry is.  Imagination.  Thinking of the worst possible scenario to fill your mind with needless images and thoughts.  Instead, have faith!  Faith is the expectation that something good will happen and our minds are better filled with these options.

I will leave you here tonight and continue next post.  Phillip spoke for around 3 hours and we didn’t get through the whole 100 things to do.  I will  give you some more later.

For now I am signing off and know that there is something here for you to think about already.

To Your Success!