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Property Entrepreneurs in Training

This weekend I am volunteering to help out at this incredible 3 day seminar.  Property Entrepreneurs in Training.  I first came across mCorp Investments in May 2006 where I attended this very seminar and was blown away by the information we received.   By attending this seminar, you will come out knowing how to look for the right property, how to be ready for the opportunity when it arises, how to best manage your property portfolio, everything about conveyancing and risk reduction, insurance, tax minimisation and the list goes on.  All these principles apply to any capital city around the world.

There are 500 people attending this particular weekend in Melbourne, Australia so a very busy couple of days to go.   I like to give something back and enjoy meeting new people, even if it is to give directions to the water cooler or the bathrooms.

There is always some valuable information to get out of attending these events.  In particular, tonight we were priveleged to hear from Matt Church.  He spoke about five of the natural drugs we produce in our bodies.  They are Adrenalin, Serotonin, Cortisol, Melatonin and Insulin, and how we rely on each of them to some degree… some more than others, and in his own way, he related them back to the emotions we go through when we are purchasing property and going into debt.

I can’t wait to hear from Jason McGuiness himself tomorrow so I wil keep you posted.

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