Value adding and Rewards

A person in any business or job is nothing less than someone who solves problems for people at a profit or for pay.   To get paid more, solve more problems for more people.


In doing this, you add value to the people that you are solving problems for, so in turn you will be rewarded.  What is it that you absolutely love to do and you would do even if you were not being paid for it?  Once you know what that is, you are on your way to a prosperous life.


Imagine that you could do this many times over.  What I mean is, what if you had more than one client.  What if you were a contractor and worked for many similar companies doing what it is that you love to do?  You would be leveraging your time, therefore, being paid many times over for doing the thing that you love.


I’m sure that by now your minds are ticking over and getting creative thinking of what it is that you could do.  How could you offer your services and get paid for doing it? 


One way is to offer to work for someone without pay to see how their company works and what you could do in order to improve their sales.  This is how you add the most value.  Work for free!  With the intention of course to let them know why their company could not do without you.  Then you need to use your negotiation skills in order to get what you want.


This is something I took on board just recently.  I offered my services to a particular company and told them why they needed me on a more regular basis and so now, negotiations are in progress to come up with the best solution for both of us.


By adding value to other peoples lives, you will get what you want.  Give it a go and your journey will be well rewarded.


Yours in Prosperity!