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Decision Makers…

The world’s most successful people are decision makers.  Your whole life is dominated by decisions.  People who become effective decision makers receive a big share of the world’s rewards.  The person who fails to make decisions is doomed.  You have to create or you disintegrate.

There is always ambivalence surrounding decision making, i.e. tell them, don’t tell them, buy it, don’t buy it, watch TV, and don’t watch TV.  Decision makers are not afraid of making an error.  They have confidence.  If they do happen to make an error, they shrug it off. 

When you have to make a decision, you must decide right where you are with what you’ve got.  Once you make the decision, you will find the means to follow through with it.  Whether you can afford it or not is never a consideration.  Whether you want it or not is the only consideration.  If you decide you want something, you will attract the money.

Our thoughts control our decisions.  More dreams are shattered and goals lost because of circumstance.  When you make a decision to quit, you make a decision to fail.  You’ve been conditioned to follow the crowds, but break away and make your own decisions.  Be yourself. You are unique.

Yours in Prosperity