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Lessons to be learnt…

Have you ever wondered what it is that you would risk the most in life?  Is it the fact of never knowing what could have been or perhaps losing what you already have?

Would you be prepared to leave your comfort zone and challenge yourself to find another way to live?  A better way that will enhance your life? A different way that will help you grow as a person into the best person you can be?

We all become accustomed to our everyday routines never willling to change as we are afraid of trying new things.   I have discovered that there are many lessons to be learnt and teachers come in many different forms.  We all have our supposed “guru’s” that we listen to and take advice from.  Let me tell you that when the student is ready, the teacher will certainly appear.

I have spent the last week and a bit with a  very special friend on a vacation that was absolutely amazing.  We spent a great deal of time sharing with one another and he opened my eyes to new possibilities and also helped me to realise that I have many more lessons to learn.

Life is a journey and to make the best of it, we must be prepared to learn from the lessons that life throws our way.

Getting out of  your comfort zone is not always easy but when you have made the decision, stick with it and enjoy the ride.  Life is full of adventures and there are many amazing, new and wonderful opportunities lying ahead.  Open your eyes so you don’t miss them.  Be prepeared to take on what comes your way.  Do not live a life of regrets… it is too short.

Your friend