Croc Shoes and Thrilla Copywriting

red crocsMy daughters love these shoes and I just cannot wear them. What do you think. Interesting.

Now what would Croc shoes have to do with Copywriting I hear you ask. Well, actually nothing, or not these ones at least. I heard on the grapevine that Trevor “Toe Cracker” Crook, a fellow Aussie, Pay it Forward entrepreneur and the master of copywriting himself, is hosting a free webinar for TaggZilla on the 20th of November. Just a couple of days away and he wants YOU to be there to listen in on how he has helped many clients increase their returns by up to as much as 300% just by changing one letter.

Have you ever wondered why you may be missing out on sales of your products when you put so much work into marketing them? Here is just a little of what Trevor will be revealing in the webinar:

  • How adding one single letter to an advert increased results 300%
  • How Trevor has written simple 1-2 page letters, several have achieved a staggering 8% response or more just from one letter! Another 2 page letter generated $4.0 million for his client.
  • A one word change increased CTR 800% even though his client biatched and moaned and said the word didn’t make sense. Trevor “toecracked” him and said just do it. He’s not biatching now!
  • A headline test of similar wording which pulled a 1700% difference in results.
  • The 7 second tip which turned a company around $1.6 million in net cash in 1 year.
  • The 20 minute phone call which increased sales $2.159 million in 30 days.

Thrilla on TaggZilla

This webinar has been tagged the Thrilla on TaggZilla as Trevor spills the beans on how to achieve this. He says that the words you choose and the words you use, determine how successful you are as an entrepreneur. To his credit, one of his clients headlines was so powerful that it made it onto the David Letterman Show.

To get all the details and register for the event, go here now. I for one can’t wait to hear what he has to say… and if you want to know about the Croc shoes, well you just have to watch the video he released as part of the promo to find out.

Dedicated to Success!


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  1. LOL Colin… it ‘s great to have friends isn’t it 🙂

    The webinar does sound great and I am really looking forward to it. I hope that you can make it too. Trevor is going to give us a real good talking to.

  2. Hi BellyDanceGirl, everyone wears them here too… personally, they look ugly on my feet, or so I think, but my kids have them in lime green, orange and pink! They do look cute on kids.

  3. Our little ones have been wearing those for years, and absolutely love them. In the UK we call them Jellies. Am really annoyed that I missed the copywriting webinar by only a few days.

  4. Welcome Copywriter UK 🙂

    Jellies ha! They are handy shoes in the summer… easy on and easy off… especially for kids.

    The webinar was terrific and I will make sure to let you know when the next one comes along.