Thirty Day Challenge

Thirty Day Challenge

The Thirty Day Challenge has been quite disruptive to a few thousand households in a good way 🙂 There are a whole lot of newbies to the Internet and also some established Internet marketers who are all learning about this Web 2.0 business of viral marketing. I say disruptive because although the training videos and podcasts are few, it does take something to be involved and do the research.

There is a free keyword suggestion tool that you may be interested in using for your own research into keywords. It is one of my favorites and have been busily playing with it and learning a whole lot about the phrases that people key into search engines everyday. If you go too fast or keep on searching, after a while this message is displayed on the screen wanting to check whether you are human or a robot, lol, so you are given a code clear it and keep on searching.

Mike Mindel who is one of the co-founders of Wordtracker is keeping us all up to date with the challenge and doing a great job with it. Be warned though, if he finds out that any of you are competing with his niches, he has promised to find you and eat you 😀

So having checked in for today its time I did some more research and get up to speed for the team meeting tonight.

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