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Your Guide To Happiness 101

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First, let’s establish what Happiness is. When I searched wikipedia for Happiness, this is what it returned. “Happiness is an emotion associated with feelings ranging from contentment and satisfaction to bliss and intense joy.” There sure are a lot of words in there.

So how do we know the difference from feeling contentment, satisfaction, bliss and intense joy?

We all have our own perception of what happiness means to us. Our emotions are our own so for instance, if you were fired from your job today, it’s reasonable to think that you would not be experiencing the emotion of intense joy unless you perceived being fired as an opportunity to go forth and try something new.

According to a scientific study by Leicester University in England, the happiest country in the world is Denmark. And that’s despite having one of the highest tax rates in the world! They are paid to study. Imagine not having school fees for University! Apparently, the students can take as long as they like to complete their studies.

They are also paid to stay home in the form of paternal and maternal leave and this is paid by the government! That’s full time wages for 6 months if required.

If that’s what makes someone happy then why not!

Some of the things I think can cause a person to find happiness are:

  • some good friends who stick by you no matter what
  • a loving family who you enjoy being around
  • the freedom to choose when and where you work
  • the freedom to take a break anytime you like for holidays
  • the freedom to live where in the world you want to
  • your dream home
  • positive emotions
  • positive activities
  • quality of life
  • satisfaction in all things that you do
  • eating a delicious meal
  • playing with your children
  • hearing children’s laughter
  • listening to music that inspires you
  • dancing like no-one is watching
  • watching a funny movie
  • reading a good book
  • living in a state of gratitude

Every effect in your life has to start with a cause and for each of us it will be different. Making choices is what leads us to creating whether or not we find Happiness. Choosing what is right for you is key!

Too Many Choices

A couple of days ago I watched another TED video by Barry Schwartz which I found via Blonde2.0 Blog and thought about it for a while… then realised what he was talking about. Watch this!

Interesting… isn’t it? I’ll let you make up your own mind.

So what are your thoughts? Is it because we have too much choice nowadays that makes us un-happy or does it bring you happiness knowing that there are all these choices? Do you feel satisfied, contentment, bliss or intense joy having such a range of options available? Is it a state of mind perhaps!

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  1. Great food for thought, Ange!

    Of course, I’ve been thinking about it for YEARS — many many many years lol — and what I’ve come to realize is that happiness is not about stuff or choices, it’s not about where you live or who you live with, not what you do or what you’ve done, it’s about:

    1. Loving yourself. Very important. That’s where you start.


    2. DECIDING to be happy. If this sounds too simple, it’s because it is. The hard part is sticking to it. When I wake up in the morning, I always ask myself, “Will I be happy today?” and I always answer, “YESSS!” So whatever happens throughout the day, however annoying or upsetting it is, I stop and remind myself: I’m happy…and nothing’s going to ruin my happiness!!

    Big hugs and lots of LOVE,
    Mudd a.k.a. Happy Oza

  2. Happy Oza, you are always giving great advice! Deciding to be happy IS simple yet there is always that “I want to be the victim rather than smile” syndrome that goes on. A simple smile makes all the difference to how you’re feeling. It changes the whole outlook of your day!

    HUGS to you too ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Ange:

    Great post, and great video.

    On the matter of choice, all I can say is when you retire you definitely have to give up your choice. Before I retired I was constantly struggling to pay the bills, to get ahead, but now that my choices are less, and my expectations are lower, my life seems to be more peaceful. In other words, once you decide to live with what you already have, life gets simpler and easier. I believe the speaker is right – less choice is better. But the nagging question remains – how much less?

    Happy trails.

    Swubirds last blog post..THE NAKED HITCHHIKER

  4. Rajesh, I’m sure that following these disciplines can lead to long term happiness as they all lend to being peaceful which brings happiness. Like Swubird mentioned, now that he has less choice and his expectations are lower, there is less disappointment for him, therefore, more chance of being happy!

    I think we all have our own ideas on what brings happiness. Individual choice, individual expectations and our perception of what brings us happiness… for the long term we must be true to ourselves.

  5. Hey Marc and Angel… your article is well worth reading so I didn’t think you would mind. Thanks for stopping by and it’s my pleasure to give some love… after all, that’s what makes the world go around… ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Welcome Joe! Feeling good on the inside then shows on the outer so that’s a very good point.

    Social justice is a whole other issue and I think that any country would say they were in the same boat. There are more than 6 billion people on this planet and for every single one of them to have happiness would be the ultimate goal. I think it all has to do with how we perceive things as there are many different levels on which happiness can be found.

    Thanks for joining the discussion!

  7. Well done Ange!
    I find that living in a state of gratitude is sooo powerful. Regardless of circumstances, we can choose to find things to be grateful for and when we do that we can experience peace amidst chaos.

  8. Hi rarestone and thanks for joining the conversation. Being in a state of gratitude can certainly bring peace. Focusing on gratitude really is the most you can do to feeling happiness.

  9. I thought what about what Denmark provides brings happiness. What they provide are opportunities for people to not work about finances, ability to stay connected to others especially family and themselves and to be themselves at their own unique pace. I think that one of the keys to happiness is to find out who God really made you to be your likes, dislikes, what is important to you, etc and to be just that without worrying about other things. Intrinsic to that is that allows you to stay connected to the real you and in turn to others…just my thoughts…great post.

    ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..PAST JOURNAL ENTRY ~ September 29, 2005 ~ 12:50 PM, Part I ~ Rape!

  10. I think that happiness comes from within and the reason why so many people are unhappy is because they forget to stop and take a second to look at what is going on in their life and if they are really doing what they want to do. I recently read an article by Med Yones, a happiness consultant, which covers the laws of happiness. Law number two states โ€œHappiness is Change. If it is not working, change itโ€. See the article at

  11. Happiness is something the whole world craves for but most of them do not know where to find it. It is nice on your part to have suggested ways to find happiness. This would help a lot of the people searching for happiness.

  12. Yes, happiness doesn’t just equal happiness. I agree that there are lots of different types and aspects of happiness. It would be silly to reject any type (as long as they are not not destructive), but it is best if our happy life streams spring from a peaceful spirit. If there is no peace inside, the other types of happiness have no proper foundation and in this case short phases of happiness would alternate with worry and fear. That’s not what we want!

    Dietrichs last blog post..Freedom and Love – theoretical โ€˜BSโ€™?