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Who is Jamie McIntyre

jamie mcintyre  ange and chris perth A little over a year ago I was searching for a way out of the rat race. Seeing as though I had a couple of kids and wanted to be able to be home for them and still contribute to the household in a financial way, the search seriously began for a business run from home and I don’t mean just any business as I have tried different ones in the past but was never passionate about them as much as the one I am now going to tell you about.

Jamie McIntyre

I met this guy at a seminar I attended and in searching for his website on the Internet, I came across Jamie McIntyre and it wasn’t long before I met Jamie McIntyre at his own seminars. What an eye opener this guy was and still is now. Apart from the fact that he became a self-made millionaire while still in his twenties from various business ideas, he is sharing his wealth creation strategies with you and me.

The strategies that he presents in his giveaway wealth DVD are simple yet they do take discipline to fully grasp and apply them. Within one month of undertaking his homestudy program, I was flying off to an Internet seminar on the Gold Coast of Australia. As soon as I arrived home I was already constructing my very first website from the information absorbed.

Jamie has taught me not only how to earn an income from working on the Internet, but I have also studied the Business strategies, the Stock Market strategies he teaches and various Property Investing strategies. These are all opportunities that have come my way since meeting Jamie McIntyre and all opportunities that I can work at in my own time where I do not have to set off for work everyday and combat the peak hour traffic and put up with complaining co-workers and the list goes on.

21st Century Academy

Jamie co-founded the 21st Century Academy for the sole purpose to educate as many people as he can with an education for life and so far has reached 225,000 Australians and New Zealanders with his gift.

Jamie McIntyre is passionate about ensuring the average person becomes financially educated. If you would like to learn how to excel in the 21st Century and create an extraordinary quality of life, including how to make money while you sleep, to free up your time to do other more important things than working 9 to 5, then read on as you may be surprised at just how much success people are having.

Andrew Dimitri

Andrew Dimitri, Scott Robertson and Bill Stacy, are three of 21st Century Academys most successful graduates. When they first did Jamies original Homestudy course they were all working 60 + hours per week in their jobs, but are now retired and self-made millionaires in their own right. All this in just 4 short years! Its been an amazing ride, Andrew says. “Jamie opened up our minds to things we didnt think were possible, and we have taken his teachings and created our own investment strategies for both the Stock Market and Property Investments, which have propelled us to wealth and a lifestyle we only dreamed of before!”

This is just one of the many testimonials you can find here from other graduates of the academy.

Emotional Intelligence

Since coming on board as a graduate myself I have not only found a way to learn how to create money while I sleep, but I have also learnt some Emotional Intelligence as Jamie calls it. This is a way of managing your emotions so that you can put yourself in a state that will best suit your needs at any given time. Responding rather than reacting is the key. Learn to think outside the box and you will be surprised at the new possibilities that you will see coming your way. Knowing this and doing this however are two different things. Learn to catch yourself as I have and let the moment pass and breath… and then respond rather than react. The more you practice this the better you get at it. Don’t make yourself wrong if you don’t get it right away, just know that you can look at any situation from a different angle.

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